dau ghi - VT16260AHDH copy


– Tribrid Digital Recorder 3 in 1: 16CH 1080P (AHDH);
8CH 720P (AHDM) + 8CH IP 720P; 1CH 1080P+ 8CH 720P( IP);
and more connection mode optional.
– Image compression H.264
– VGA/ HDMI video output with Full HD resolution
– Support Audio input/output: 2/1 ports
– Multi streaming help reducing the network bandwidth
– Support cloud technology for remote viewing and control via P2P
– Support 2 SATA ports, HDD capacity up to 6TB
– Support Web, Smart Phone, Laptop & PC
– Intelligent search and playback
– User friendly interface, easy setup and use
Cloud Server with P2P Connection
You may register a free account in our server.
Or a simplest solution to connect your DVR, just scan
the QR Code on DVR Screen, you can direct connect
to the DVR without any setting.
Thanks to P2P advance feature that built in DVR

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